Seshai Care


Booster 2 Regenerator

Restores and maintains the skin’s moisture level / Improves skin comfort.

Intensive moisturizing serum. Skin results: Moisturized, Hydrated, Protected, Rejuvenated.
A properly hydrated skin is essential for its necessary elasticity, and the optimal performance of its protective barrier and defense against external aggressions. . The skin maintains its moisture thanks to transepidermal water, coming from the deepest layers, and to the normal secretion of sweat.


Booster 1 Perfeccionator

Helps stimulate collagen production and cell regeneration.

Our innovative, latest generation formula presents the MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS, due to its high concentration of more than 20 active ingredients (with the maximum doses for each ingredient, above which the formula could not be more effective than it already is) and the BEST RESULTS, in the short term, as a cellular renewer and in the medium and long term, as an integral facial rejuvenator, besides being a perfect complement for multipurpose beauty programs.

The love for beauty, a philosophy, the creation of beauty, an art

SESHAI CARE our story, get to know us

The story of a dream… wake up your beauty

Seshai Care was born as a result of years of work and scientific research, with the aim of providing select and comprehensive care, guaranteeing more effective and safe results.

Our laboratories, equipped with the latest technological advances, develop high-end cosmetics, through the use of highly pure phytocompounds, active principles and essential nutrients, which contribute to cleansing, detoxification and regeneration of the skin.

Seshai Care’s philosophy does not interpret a cosmetic product as “a list of ingredients” but as a synergistic formulation where the interaction between the best botanicals and the cell is a fact. The skin is transformed into an interaction membrane, to give way to a recovered and beautiful skin.

Our commitment to offer you a line of advanced cosmetics with a high concentration of active ingredients is a characteristic that outlines a promising selection of products that satisfy the needs of the most demanding skin. The collection offers multi-sensory experiences, each product has been carefully refined.

Seshai Care, its history is rewritten and reinforced

The love for beauty, a philosophy.
The creation of beauty, an art.

It’s been 12 years of fulfilling dreams and making our customers happy. In the search for continuous improvement, we have evolved in equipment, the product, the service, the treatments, to achieve excellence

About us


Estíbaliz Saralegui Equizabal, C.E.O. from the BEAUTYDAY Aesthetic Center, she started this dream, being the founder of SESHAI CARE. . After more than 25 years of painstaking dedication and with the illusion of reinforcing the objective of his philosophy, he goes one step further, contributing his greatest asset: the knowledge of his extensive experience and love for beauty, and expanding the team for SESHAI CARE.


Estíbaliz trusts María José Ruiz Ezponda, lawyer, MBA, expert in Dermatology and Cosmetics and director of companies by profession, to assume ownership and the new management of SESHAI CARE. María José also achieves one of her dreams: to undertake and be part of this exciting world of beauty.


United by the same motivation as Estíbaliz and María José, Bettina Marie Oyhenart Alzón, a career pharmacist, and with professional experience as a Business Development Manager at McCann Healthcare, shares ownership and assumes the position of deputy director.

Thus, the current owner and C.E.O. from SESHAI CARE, María José Ruiz, the pharmaceutical deputy director Bettina Marie Oyhenart, with Estíbaliz Saralegui, already as a technical partner and external advisor, continue with the dream of their founder, contributing the best of each one and preserving the ever-existing search for excellence.


Estíbaliz Saralegui

I am Estíbaliz Saralegui, an esthetician by profession, and an entrepreneur, by passion. More than 25 years ago I undertook the project of my BEAUTY DAY Antiaging Center, and in the search for excellence I created, with all the passion that characterizes me, the SESHAI CARE Cosmetic Line.

Trusting in the new ownership and direction of SESHAI CARE, I continue to contribute to SESHAI CARE the “best of me”: creativity, the selection of the best mixtures from the R&D Laboratories, and the most demanding techniques and work protocols, always from the prism of my experience and field work in my center.


María José Ruiz Ezponda

I am María José Ruiz, lawyer and Master in Business Management and Administration (Barcelona I.E.S.E.), and I am currently dedicated to the Direction of this very exciting project of SESHAI CARE, a company with more than ten years of experience.

MY MISSION: Help you, through our products and advice, to manage and enhance your image so that it positively influences your well-being and personal development.

Proud daughter of entrepreneurs, I worked for more than 22 years in the financial area in several multinational companies, and 3 years ago I decided to take a step in another direction, to start (it was in my blood) my own project and pursue my own dreams . I have always been enthusiastic about the world of beauty and many times, due to lack of time or other priorities, we forget to pamper ourselves and take care of ourselves. And I know it from my own experience.

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Bettina Marie Oyhenart Alzón

I am Bettina Oyhenart, pharmacist and International MBA (ESADE, Barcelona), trained at the Heilpraktiker Institut in medicine and alternative therapies, which have completed my vision of health and disease as a whole.

Feeling satisfied with yourself exerts a great influence to stay on the positive side of the fine line that separates both states. Read more…

How our products are


Natural Origin

Our main goal is to use as many ingredients of natural origin as possible. . In some products it can reach 98.23%. We also have some VEGAN formulations.



Our products are responsible for the environment. All of our products that require rinsing are biodegradable, and we do not use microplastics or microbeads.


Responsible ingredients

That's what you'll find in our products. Carefully selected ingredients, without parabens, MIT and Phthalates, or any other harmful to the skin.


Cruelty Free

Free of Animal Cruelty, without testing or experiments on animals.

Our main goal is to use as many naturally-derived ingredients as possible, and to choose laboratory-made alternatives very rarely and only when they are better for product safety and use.

In addition to being natural and vegan, in our formulas you will only find efficient ingredients that are beneficial to the skin and guarantee the usefulness of the formula. . In fact, our formulations combine the highest concentrations of active ingredients, interacting with each other, to achieve the best results All our cosmetic products are dermatologically tested in independent institutes, with the best results. We are cruel free, as no animals or animal derivatives have been used, neither in the formulations nor in the dermatological tests.

The most notable and sustainable difference of our products is to have a technological character, to have a scientific DNA, focused on applied innovation and development of solutions that are born in science, to meet the expectations and needs of the most demanding customer.

Each and every one of the ingredients of our formulas are responsibly selected (clean, natural, vegan, safe and kind to the skin), and treated with HTACP TECHNOLOGY, through a careful or revised work protocol, both by the R&D department +i, from our laboratories, as well as by experts in professional aesthetics. The HTACP technological environment ensures:

  • Continuous innovation and active research.
  • State-of-the-art active ingredients and with the highest dose-dependent concentrations (the highest possible concentrations in the doses to achieve the maximum efficacy of our products). Above which the product can no longer increase its effectiveness.
  • Formulas developed from medical science, dermatologically tested, in an environment of cosmetic safety, and checking everything established in the European regulatory framework.

How we work

Seshai Care

Seshai Care always works with strict respect for the environment and the planet's resources.


Seshai Care goes beyond having the best products on the market. It wants excellence from the selection of the ingredients to the optimal application technique of the products.


Seshai Care protocols include reshaping and recuperative facial massages, also applying the Korean Layering technique.

The term “Layering” comes from the English “layer” and means “layer“. It is a beauty technique based on the importance of superimposing, in a certain order, different beauty products, especially serums, with prior emphasis on cleansing the skin, to achieve a clean, fresh, hydrated skin and successfully combat the signs of aging. Layer after layer, to boast beautiful skin. Layer after layer, to boast beautiful skin.

Seshai Care presents its new line of latest generation cosmetics with eight products to meet the needs of the most demanding skin, which are those that are marketed, and 11 products, including these eight to apply in treatment booths, using the most effective ancient therapies, such as “cupping” (cupping therapy) and “ice balloons” (cryogel facial massagers).

Certified Centers

To achieve complete customer satisfaction, the excellence of our products must also be complemented by the professionalism of specialized “Seshai Care Certified” Centers. Excellence must always be present. This is our motto.

Therefore, we teach them to apply the different massage techniques, following our careful protocols of action used in our beauty rituals, to give the customer an experience of wellness and beauty with the best results.

Our rituals


Ice balls, accompanied by a relaxing hand and arm massage with our ginger oil.


Cupping therapy, accompanied by a relaxing hand and arm massage with our ginger oil.


Our most complete ritual, combining the action of the frozen balloons and cupping therapy, along with a relaxing massage on hands and arms with our ginger oil.

Our products

Our customers say

Find out what our customers think about our products on social networks.

Jøhnnye sanchez mejia
Jøhnnye sanchez mejia
Probé los productos de la marca y me gustó, me he dado cuenta de lo importante q es el cuidado de la piel y los resultados, por eso los recomiendo.
Lina Marcela Velasquez
Lina Marcela Velasquez
productos únicos y efectivos, super recomendados para el cuidado de la piel, he probado el Sérum, la crema C+C con aroma a mandarina es espectacular, los Booster, el contorno y las fragancias, me casé con la marca.
Rebeca de las Heras
Rebeca de las Heras
Me encanta esta línea de cosmética. Uno de los perfumes que compre me encantó. La gente siempre me pregunta dónde lo compré, es un perfume que dura todo el día y es muy fresco y agradable. También compre una vela preciosa anti mosquitos para interiores muy decorativa que me vino genial para los meses de verano y todavía me dura. El trato con María José es genial, es una persona muy cercana que te sabe aconsejar que productos te sientan mejor dependiendo de tu personalidad y estilo, sin presionarte y dándote su más sincera opinión. Salí contentísima y con ganas de repetir.
Dolors Rovira
Dolors Rovira
Calidad 100% atención personalizada y presentación elegante. Ideal para regalar a personas muy exigentes con el cuidado de la piel.
rakel velloso
rakel velloso
Me ha encantado su olor y textura. Sin duda vuelvo a comprar.
Uxue Viguria
Uxue Viguria
Perfumes con etiquetado y embalaje de diseño elegante , ideal para regalar . Estabilidad y perdurabilidad 100% . Un acierto seguro para regalar estas navidades
Maika Martinez
Maika Martinez
He probado más de un perfume y me han encantado. Perduran mucho y el diseño también es muy acertado. Perfectos para un regalo¡¡
La respuesta es profesional y eficaz. Consumo habitualmente la crema c+c, el contorno de ojos bótox y el serum y són muy superiores en calidad a los mas prestigiosos del mercado.
ana de pablo
ana de pablo
Es muy difícil encontrar un ambientador que además de oler bien, no canse, no sea empalagoso, que dure... Los ambientadores Seshai Care reunen todas estas características


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Our location

Seshai Care Natural Cosmetics with Korean Philosophy

Av. de Pío XII, 1, bajo, 31002 Pamplona, Navarra
Tel.: 682 926 039· e-mail:

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