Booster 1 Perfector

Booster 1 Perfector 30 ml


Helps stimulate collagen production and cell regeneration

Perfecting booster 1: retinol and proteoglycans. Anti-aging and renewing.

Our innovative, state-of-the-art formula presents the MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS, due to its high concentration of more than 20 active ingredients (with the maximum doses for each ingredient, above which the formula could not be more effective than it already is) and the BEST RESULTS, in the short term, as a cellular renewer and in the medium and long term, as an integral facial rejuvenator, besides being a perfect complement for multi-purpose beauty programs.

With a careful effort behind it, we have achieved a formula with an IDONEOUS ABSORPTION AND PROTECTION (the only treatment with a biological protection factor, superior to physical/chemical SPF), for ALL SKIN TYPES, even the most sensitive or seborrheic, and a GUARANTEED SAFETY, with a high number of tolerance studies, even on sensitive skin.

Fragrance Free, Allergen Free, Oil Free


Studies of aging skin have overlooked an important area: the dermal-epidermal junction, DJU.

This layer is responsible for both supporting the epidermis and intercellular communication. On the other hand, recent research in biological cellular medicine has allowed the development of formulas that act directly on skin cells, as is the case of PROTEOGLYCANS.

How it works on the skin


Our PERFECTING BOOSTER 1 , is a intensive cell renewer, of the latest generation. Formulated with PURE RETINOL at 0.3% concentration (the highest concentration accepted and demonstrated, according to strict controls), transported inside a controlled release vehicle, which provides a high concentration of the ingredient , guarantees its extraordinary efficacy, superior stability, deep penetration and bioavailability, while reducing possible skin irritation.

Our Booster 1 Perfector with all its powerful active ingredients:


We recommend the use of our BOOSTER 1 PERFECTOR in the evening, from 30-35 years of age, for both men and women(contraindicated during pregnancy).

Indicated for people with fine and/or deep wrinkles, photo-aged skin, elastosis, irregular microrelief and congested pores.

Its use is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive or seborrheic skin. However, since retinolhas a high irritant power, SESHAICARE recommends gradually increasing the frequency of use until tolerance is built up, and applying it only at NIGHT, since it is a highly oxidative principle in sunlight, and favors cell turnover, which takes place during the night’s rest.

Our PERFECTING BOOSTER 1 is a powerful adjuvant to anti-aging treatments performed in beauty centers.

How to use

Apply in the evenings to clean, dry skin on face, neck and décolleté, massaging gently until completely absorbed. Avoid contact with eyes and lips. Then apply your usual cream.

The guideline recommended by SESHAICARE is to start applying it 2 times a week, increasing to 3-4 times a week as you notice that the skin is tolerating it well, until it is applied daily.

Always use a very high protection sunscreen (FACTOR 30-50) during the period of application of products with retinol.

Do not use together with other products containing retinol.

did you know that retinol can be used in summer?

Yes, it can be used in summer and its treatment should not be suspended. It is important, however, to apply a high protection factor in the morning (factor 30-50).

Can it be applied in the morning?

It is not recommended to apply it in the morning, since it is a highly oxidative principle with sunlight .

Did you know that it is more advisable to apply retinol at night?

Yes, it is better to apply it at night, due to its high oxidation and because cell renewal is more intense at night.

Did you know that retinol is an irritating principle?

It is an anti-aging miracle principle, but due to its exfoliation and cell renewal properties it can also irritate skin, especially the most sensitive ones, so it is essential to start applying it very sparingly ( 2 times a week), and gradually increase the frequency, to achieve skin tolerance, different in each case.

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Booster 1 Perfector 30 ml



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